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Dynamic Layout parts in Angular

The "Problem"

While working on a simple application I wanted to show some content in the title / header bar, but this should be only visible on a specific route.


<div class="header">
  <ng-container *ngIf="!showSuperSelection">{{ title }}</ng-container>
  <!-- this component is only needed in an "/selected-page" - route -->
  <app-your-big-component *ngIf="showSuperSelection">

1st solution: *ngIf

  • "just" hide (*ngIf="showSuperSelection", exampled in the problem) the content in the header-bar until the specific route was opened
Pro's Con's
easy to use, just an *ngIf its "bad" if this content is a bigger component (byte size), which adds a lot of to the first loading time (every byte counts), which is only "ok" if you are building an intranet-application

2nd solution: Service - ng-template - template outlet

  • You could create a directive to get TemplateRef
  • then using a service to save that reference
  • then in your target view, get this reference and use it like

    <ng-container *ngIf="templateToShow$ | async as templateRef"

There you have your dynamic templates / layout parts in your app.

Pro's Con's
now this template would be only visible when you need it, and also not adding additional bytes to load you would've to do it for every part you need

My solution: emoji-rocket
npm install @gewd/ng-utils -S

Building up on the 2nd's solution, I kinda wanted to have it a bit more dynamic, so I refacted it to be used on a ID per portal/source.

import { DynamicPortalModule } from '@gewd/ng-utils/dynamic-portal';

  imports: [
    // ...


<div class="header">
  <dynamic-portal key="headerSelection" class="your-style">
    {{ title }}

selected-page.component.html: which is a lazy-loaded route

<div class="stuff">
  Much stuff, details, you name it :-)

<ng-template dynamicPortalSource="headerSelection">

> Demo < -> Open the Dynamic Portal Component Part

Pro's Con's
portal's / portal-sources can be placed anywhere you'd need to use this package or copy it emoji-grin

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Any ideas / issues / suggestions, write here or open an issue :)

If you like it, share it! :)

Published on December 27, 2019