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Lazy Loaded Components - #4 NPM-Package

Posted on December, 2019
Proudly presenting Finally, the demo-repository and loader package is done. Here are some of the changes: -Helper Like the C# Lazy-Class, I created a simple helper, which holds the lazy-Value once…
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Lazy Loaded Components - #3 Extending the Loader

Posted on October, 2019
Adding a loading Placeholder With the current Loader, you can set a placeholder (e.g. a button to trigger the loading) and once it's loaded + created the content of the loader will be switched to the…
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Lazy Loaded Components #2

Posted on September, 2019
Extending the features of the component-level lazy loader thanks to Ivy Continue from Part 1: 1. Inject services into lazy-loaded components: Since the loader uses the same injector-Instance we can…
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Lazy Loaded Components in Angular

Posted on August, 2019
Back in the old AngularJS Days I had a little playground app where I could lazy load nearly everything. Ever since Angular 2 came out, I searched every few months about lazy loading components. Some…
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