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Senstate - Updates, C#-Client and a future look

Posted on June, 2020
Example Senstate Gif Demo Finally after some months I worked a bit on Senstate again. I had some features already "done", but only some days ago I merged the PR. Senstate v0.3 New features: Group…
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Working with graph structures

Posted on May, 2020
Preamble: I'm not that experienced in graph-theory or like getting the shortest path to a node. :) This article is rather a short introduction into "How to re-create your usual list-states into a…
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Senstate - Make sense of your state while debugging

Posted on October, 2019
Having sometimes multiple s while trying to find a bug that only happens with a weird state, you kinda get lost scrolling the log up and down. Or adding a bunch of break-points and then stepping into…
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